Our state of art production unit spans about 15,000 SQFT and employs more than 150 employees to produce high quality cost effective, Sweets, Savouries, Broad Range of Bakery Products, Coffee Powder, Etc.

We deploy high standards to produce high quality food products.

We run a chain of café under the prestigious brand Coffee House @ Mountroad which caters to more than 10,000 customers every single day.

Our name is analogous to catering the best and pure Filter Coffee.

Our retail brand sells High Quality and Mouth Delicious Sweets, Savouries, Pastries, Birthday Cakes, Bakery Items, Pizza, Pasta, Burgers, Cold Beverages, Fresh Juices, Signature Tender Coconut Juices, Signature Specially Brewed Cow Milk Juices, Hot Beverages including our Signature Pure Filter Coffee

Franchising options available