ThermoLink is an Automated Continuous Contactless Real-time Advanced Fever Detection System which assists in avoiding Covid 19 Community Spread and Isolating the possibly infected immediately, thereby enabling your organization and avenues out of danger.

ThermoLink Product Highlights

Current Temperature Detection Procedure

Manual Handheld InfraRed Thermometer – Human Dependant
Close Contact – High Risk of Infection
High Possibilities of Human Error which may lead to Community spread.
Can detect temperature only one at a time
No automated Data / Image Storage – Hence no records



Thermal Imaging Camera, Visible Camera, Thermal Imaging Mini Computer, Display Monitor, Power Cables, HDMI Cables, Stands & Fixtures, Speakers, Product Manual

*ThermoLink is not intended to diagnose, prevent, or treat any disease or condition, and it is not intended for medical use. ThermoLink detects fever temperature as a proxy for body temperature which is not 100% correlated. Specifications and undocumented specifications are subject to change without notice or liability.

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